H.I.I.T At this moment High Intensity Interval Training, is the most accepted type of workout as the best way to shed pounds, get lean and firm your body! Its a metabolic workout that targets compound exercises to give you an extra burn for the road. Your job is to keep up with the class!!!

Upper Body & ABS Upper Body Resistance Training (use weights, bands, med balls, kettle-bells to shape and strengthen your shoulders, arms, chest & back) Add 15 min of Abs

Train like an Athlete

Combat Conditioning Drills and Conditioning exercises from different martial arts put together to help you develop strength, endurance, agility and fighting techniques

Belly OFF A total body workout that will challenge your limits! The whole program was tailored visualizing your waist line shrinking!!! No COMPLAINTS accepted 

BLT / Legs & Butts Whether you want to lose weight or to strengthen your legs, to shape them or to get them lean, these exercises will help a lot….. As well if you want that rear side “upgraded”, this class is definitely what you are looking for.

Move it while you Groove it Exercise without even knowing. Just groove on different rhythms until you sweat those calories out!

Cardio Kickboxing Enjoy a full hour of intense cardio, punching and kicking and you will see how your strength, agility, endurance and
coordination will improve from a week to another.

The GOLDEN “Sneakers” You have to get stronger in order to go longer! It is never too late to exercise and get stronger. This 60+ (years of age) exercise class is filled with joint friendly exercises and the music will keep you going. Chairs, bands, light dumbbells, balls are just few tools to be used in this class.

Heavy Bag Drills Are you looking for something different??? Come and you will enjoy punching and kicking all your frustrations away.

Balls, Bands and Body Work Med balls, Swiss balls, Elastic bands and your own body will be the resistance that will challenge your balance, strength, coordination and cardiovascular conditioning like you didn’t even think!

Power & Grace Two attributes that a modern days woman should have! That’s a must in order to manage such a challenging life while remaining a WOMAN!

Street Smart TEEN GIRLS Special classes for teenage girls (12 to 15 years old) designed to give them a basic understanding of the potential danger out there and help them develop an awareness and some fitness skills which might keep them away from harm!!! We live tough times and there is no place for naivety in our world!