Brazil !!! It sounds exciting to the ear but once here it’s pretty challenging to the mind. Different laws, different rules, different mentalities and definitely different approach to things. One good thing though its that brazilian people are all into taking care of their health and their bodies. There is a gym at every corner and there is still space for more. So even though I am very new here it is the moment to introduce “OVERALL FITNESS Services” to Brazil. It was a very successful year in Turks & Caicos and I believe it will be successful here as well. However, the structure of the programs will be a little different and the services we are ready to offer, address not only to Brazil but to the entire world. So physically we will be here but virtually everywhere. We are already serving, Turks&Caicos, Romania, the US and now Brazil. We are back and we are happy to be able to help more people. I will take this chance to thank our faithful clients for their dedication and support along the way!
If you would like to hear more about our fitness adventure please register yourself so you can receive our updates. Thank you!


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