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Hanging out @ Arnold Classic Festival

My kind of party!!!!


Figure-Pro Finals


Me & Pro bodybuilder Joel Stubbs


with  Fitness World Champion – Vanda Hadarean


Morris Mendez



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Self-Defense or Martial Art?

self defense 1

It is pretty much the same thing but it depends on what you are looking for. You want to be like Bruce Lee or you want to be able to escape a dangerous situation? Do you want to be an artist or you want to be a survivor? Do you have years ahead to invest in your training or you want to be able to defend yourself right away?
Bruce Lee was my hero when I was a kid and without a doubt he could do everything from the above and more, but he dedicated his life to mastering Kung-fu and he invested a lot of time until the fight became an art. So any form of martial art or a mix of a few martial arts it is practically Self-Defense.
But not everybody has a background in martial arts, so the question is how can a regular person learn to be safe and get out of dangerous situations? We are living in a violent and unpredictable society where danger is waiting at every corner. Rape, kidnaping, robbery and other forms of crime are holding the head-line of all the news channels. How a woman for example, can escape from criminal hands?
If you search the net you will probably find thousands of advices and hundreds of methods of self-defense all claiming that are better then others. Do your home-work and read, read a lot because the internet is the paradise of scams and false claims. However, one name will stand out, and that because it earned its “fame”. It’s KRAV-MAGA. A self-defense system developed in Israel that involves boxing, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling techniques, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks. Krav Maga promotes finishing a fight as quickly as possible. Attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body.
Its “the new thing” out there and it takes over the world. The system can be taught to men, women, youth, and elders and most importantly, it is efficient and it can save your life!

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Brazil !!! It sounds exciting to the ear but once here it’s pretty challenging to the mind. Different laws, different rules, different mentalities and definitely different approach to things. One good thing though its that brazilian people are all into taking care of their health and their bodies. There is a gym at every corner and there is still space for more. So even though I am very new here it is the moment to introduce “OVERALL FITNESS Services” to Brazil. It was a very successful year in Turks & Caicos and I believe it will be successful here as well. However, the structure of the programs will be a little different and the services we are ready to offer, address not only to Brazil but to the entire world. So physically we will be here but virtually everywhere. We are already serving, Turks&Caicos, Romania, the US and now Brazil. We are back and we are happy to be able to help more people. I will take this chance to thank our faithful clients for their dedication and support along the way!
If you would like to hear more about our fitness adventure please register yourself so you can receive our updates. Thank you!

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