So, as the official summer is almost here…… how about that summer body?

Hope everybody is enjoying the long weekend and getting recharged for the week.
The summer feeling is already here; long weekend this week, longer one next week, then schools exams and graduations coming up and the vacation is here!!! So, as the official summer is almost here…… how about that summer body???? How is that coming along? Are you still working at it or you gave up because miraculous results didn’t come overnight???

I really hope you did not give up!!!! At least from what I see at Overall Fitness that is not the case so for our members or for whoever wants to become one, these are the news for the next 2 weeks considering the public holidays.

  1. Due to members request we will keep the present schedule for the month of June as well! I see flat abs coming along with this “Let’s make abs” month and I guess that’s why you guys got excited, ha???? I know very well how much it worth the feeling of noticing your clothes coming loose or those compliments you start hearing about how your body start changing!!!! Also I am the first one to admit the efforts and commitments you put in to get results, so from all my heart, a big CONGRATULATIONS to those who did commit.
  2. Tomorrow, Monday the 28th the Group Fitness Schedule (the classes) remains the same excepting the last class from 6:30 which gets cancelled.
    So take one hour for yourself tomorrow and join us for one of the 3 classes: 6:00 am Heavy Bag Drills; 1:00pm Upper Body and Abs or the
    5:30 for a Total Body Workout
  3. For the next Public Holiday (Queen’s Jubilee) The Schedule is as follow:
    TUESDAY – 8:00 BLT (Butt, Legs and Tummy) ; 5:00 kickboxing; 6:00 Upper Body and Abs

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