As we quickly approach the month of May, which is the month before the summer will be officially here, I decided to make it, “ABS month” at OVERALL FITNESS and the goal is to work on bringing those Abs out, so you can see them when u will take your shirt off or (where its not the case) reducing the inches around the belly. So the classes are designed to focus on melting the fat around the mid section area and strengthening the abdominal muscles. I can even dare to say, we will concentrate to bring out some packs 😉

Starting with Monday, 30th of April, we will have a new schedule and each and every class its designed to burn the fat around the belly and it will have a 15 min focus on the “abs” and core area. The routine of exercises dedicated strictly to the abs (those 15 min in every class) will be changed every week!

You can take advantage of the additional services we offer for getting faster and better results and as well to help you monitor your progress;

Get your body to another level this May 2012 !!!


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