Can you guys believe its March already????

I didn’t even get to “taste” this 2012 and the first Trimester is almost over…..
Anyway, I hope you were as busy as I was and I sure hope you were better than me and found time for your daily workouts!
If you followed our news, by now you probably know that every 8 weeks we are changing the programs and classes to avoid boredom!
These 8 weeks coming we have targeted more “body design” types of program as well as athletic training. The 55+ Gold Class is picking up so we kept it and as a new addition we introduced an 8 week program for teenager girls, called “Street Smart”, designed to give them a basic understanding of the potential danger out there and help them develop an awareness and some fitness skills to keep them away from harm!!! We live tough times and there is no place for nativity in our world!

So, check out our new Schedule, and hope to see you soon in the studio.

Enjoy the week-end!!!


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